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Recognize Text in PDF with OCR

OCR Multiple PDF Documents

You can convert multiple files into their PDF counterpart. This is done through OCR and is fairly easy to use and configure.

Create PDFs Using OCR or From Blank

You can even create PDFs using Optical Character Recognition or can build it from scratch. CocoDoc provides numerous customizations that will assist you in creating a PDF or a document from images and other files.

Scan & Recognize Information Within Images

CocoDoc can be used to recognize text and other important information within images. This is exceptionally useful when text needs to be retrieved from images.

Converts Instantly

Time is money and with CocoDoc you can save plenty of it. CocoDoc converts documents to their text version without any delay so you can get the work done instantly.

Proud Cloud Platform

CocoDoc provides online storage of your documents. This way you don't have to upload your important documents every time you use the website. This is completely secure and you need not to worry about the safety of your confidential documents.

Perfect for Archiving

CocoDoc can achieve your important documents so that you can retrieve them later. This process is simple and quick; your documents are secure online and cannot be misused by a third party.

How to Recognize Text with OCR

Follow these easy steps to recognize text with OCR:

  • Step1: Upload File.
  • Step2: Select Language and Output Format.
  • Step3: Convert & Download File.


How Can I OCR a PDF for Free?

CocoDoc is an outstanding platform that lets you OCR your PDF document quickly and free of cost. You can convert multiple PDF documents into writable files and even recognize data from images using OCR features.

What Does OCR Stand for in PDF?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and is used to recognize text from images and edit them. It can also be used to convert PDF into editable documents.

What Is PDF With OCR?

OCR is optical character recognition and a PDF can be converted into text documents using this technology. CocoDoc uses this to convert PDF files into editable documents.

How Do I Convert a PDF To Word With OCR?

CocoDoc can convert a PDF document into a word document. This process is simple, easy and quick. The conversion uses OCR technology that recognizes the characters and convert them into text.

Where Do We Use OCR in PDF?

OCR is used to convert the PDF documents into text documents that can be edited and customized according to our needs. CocoDoc is an excellent website that allows you to do so.

What Limitations Does the Demo Version of OCR a PDF?

The free or the demo version of CocoDoc has limited features like 50Mb of available space to store your stuff and there is no option to highlight or rewrite over these PDFs. However, for someone who wants to try it out, the demo version provides a basic overview of the website.

Learn with CocoDoc

How to OCR a PDF Online for Free

We have the tools for OCR PDF conversion. Convert PDF to OCR using CocoDoc online without downloading any tools. You can also use other alternatives, including Free PDF Online and Sejda.

How to Crop PDF Online

Want to learn how to Crop PDFs easily using a PDF Cropper? Check this article where we have given ways to utilize PDF Cropper using CocoDoc.

How to Extract Image from PDF

Read on how to extract images from PDF using online tools. Get the pictures from the PDF document no matter where you are. Upload and store in your local device or use the cloud options.

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